A new digital platform on the horizon at SSFC?

I’ve had a very interesting, almost hour-long face-to-face earlier today with @GlenStidolph, who has given me a brief insight into something the club has got planned to be introduced for the start of next season. Never seen before at our level, and I think it’s rather good.

It could be revolutionary, and I believe that the fans will enjoy what’s coming. It has the potential to be quite huge, and I’m looking forward to seeing it be developed, and hopefully see it materialise to test phase in the coming months.

Thank you to Glen for taking the time out of his schedule to meet and discuss. Hopefully more to follow, as he’s agreed to a ‘Getting to know you’ short interview, which I’ll be putting on the website in the near future.

Coming soon – ‘Getting to know you‘, an interview with Glen Stidolph.