SWOS – UTM Premier League 2019/20 Simulation

Sensible World of Soccer was designed and developed by Sensible Software as the 1994 sequel to their 1992 game Sensible Soccer which combined a 2D football game with a comprehensive manager mode. The game includes contemporary season data of professional football from around the world, with a total amount of approximately 1,500 teams and 27,000 players.

What’s that got to do with South Shields FC? – With the ‘null and void’ decision being made recently, and then ratified by the FA – this has left a big void in people’s lives, as if the close season isnt long enough – right? Especially for me, as I spend most of my time out of the UK. and have very little options to keep me occupied in my limited personal time outside of the work environment.

Yes, there are more important things going on in the world – as people on their orange boxes keep hammering on about, in order to try and gain some moral high ground (for whatever reason) over people they choose to frown at and look down upon. Social media seems to empower people to do that these days via a keyboard and hiding behind a screen. But the fact remains, this will be over at some point, and football WILL return. I’m doing this for my own entertainment so I don’t start climbing the walls during the #StayHome era, however long that may end up being for.

I’d LOVE to stay at home. I’d love to BE at home, but I’m 3,600 miles in the wrong direction. 100+ days and counting, isolated from loved ones with no finish line in sight yet, due to the circumstances. I’M STUCK! Be thankful all you have to do is stay inside in the comfort of your own home.

So, for the time being – with the lack of competition, results and statistics, this left me with a dilemma – how can I fill in my time? I discovered this website – https://www.sensiblesoccer.de and then came the idea.

Okay, first things first – let’s set up a competition.

Bear in mind, I’m just flying by the seat of my pants as I go – I have no idea if I’m going to be able to achieve what I have in my mind. Set up the attributes, and see what’s next. Let’s call it ‘UTM Premier Division’ so as not to get into trouble with any regulators. Create the season timeframe, number of teams taking part, how many times you play each other, and other values. I can always come back to this at a later time and make any tweaks or amendments as necessary as a refinement.

That’s the parameters set – let’s see about adding the teams.

Okay, so I find a way of creating a custom league – can I now edit team names? Yes I can! Excellent. I proceed to punch in all of the names, replacing ‘dummy’ names already entered into the custom data. All’s well so far – 22 teams from the Northern Premier League are now in place. Looking good so far, too easy.

The league now set up, and the teams done – what next?

Custom DIY competition created? Check. Edited custom teams? Just the team names for now, the players will take a bit more effort. I’ll come back to that in due course. A moment’s pause – who am I kidding? Let’s get some player names in there for South Shields, at least. I’m pretty sure Lee and Graham take longer to pick a squad than it took me here. (Can’t figure out the keyboard controls to change the shirt designs and colours yet, I’ll look that up later). And yes, I have players out of position, I can’t figure out how to alter the formation yet either, so for now I’m stuck with 4-3-3.

Almost ready…

Itching to see if this works, let’s plough on and see how to get the games going. Will I have to play every fixture, at 3 minutes a game? This may take longer to achieve than I originally thought. But I find an option that allows the game to play itself, and provide the result, with or without having to watch the game. Bonus!

Pre-Season Friendly

Let’s give it a whirl and see what the mechanics are like. There’s no clue as to the performance of each team I’ve modified to represent our club at the minute, so let’s wait and see.  Not bad for my first outing! There’s that man, Jason Gilchrist netting against his former club, true to form!

Let the season commence!

I’ll be playing 462 fixtures to simulate a full season, and to see where we end up.

Season 2019/20 – Gameday 42

UTM Premier League final standings – Week 42 — Top goalscorers –Sefton Gonzales 29 — Lee Mason 27 — Undefeated — Goal Diff +52 — Win by 9 points

To be continued…

last updated 17th April 2020.