South Shields FC reimbursement of costs – A Fan’s Initiative

Picking up the tab for challenging the FA.

If you’ve been following the developments of the curtailment of the BetVictor Northern Premier League 2019/20 season for steps 3-7, you’ll already know that The divisions were declared ‘null & void’ way back in March without adequate consultation, a decision most of us feel was premature and unjust, as surrounding leagues were allowed a great deal more time to conclude and complete the season on average PPG, highlighting a disjointed inconsistency in the football pyramid, in turn raising serious concerns over the governing body.

Our Chairman Geoff Thompson didn’t take this sitting down, he bravely and boldly challenged the decision – becoming the figurehead of 200+ disgruntled teams who wanted to have a voice heard, and rightly co-signed an appeal to the FA, after ratification by the FA Council.

A legal team was appointed, and the decision was challenged in court – the appeal was sadly rejected, and we lost the case, leaving us with astronomical costs.

Geoff was not only standing up for our Club, but the integrity of Non-League football as a whole. He is now left with an incredible bill to pay, and the last I heard, was going to have to pay the FA’s costs in addition, totalling a ridiculous £200,000.

I for one, and I know I speak for 1000’s of other football fans in the Non-League community, appreciate the efforts made by Geoff and our Club to overturn a crazy decision and make a statement of intent that we will not be walked over.

It’s been heartwarming to see an overwhelming support from the footballing family’s lower leagues, including club chairmen, supporters and media on all social platforms rally together to have one big voice.

I know it’s going to be difficult in these trying and unprecedented times, but I really hope that we can witness the same rallying support financially, in an attempt to recoup at least a percentage of these obscene costs and personally reimburse Geoff Thompson, in a way of appreciation and thanks for trying to stand up for the little people.

Fingers crossed, and I hope we can all help as a community – it’s a monumental ask, but I believe in the amazing Non-League family that we all love being a part of, and I’m confident that it is a realistic goal.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, if you can assist in any way big or small I’m sure it’s going to be appreciated. Please share the appeal with your friends and let’s try to get this to the biggest footballing audience as possible, far and wide.

Stay safe everyone, and let’s look forward to getting back to our team’s grounds and getting behind them again for 2020/21 whenever it’s safe to do so. ⚽️


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