The EvoStik Northern Premier League

The Northern Premier League (founded in 1968) is one of the regional men’s football leagues in England which sits directly below the National League featuring semi-professional clubs. Geographically, the league covers all of Northern England, and the northern areas of the Midlands. Originally just one division, a second division was added in 1987: Division One. This new division was split twenty years later (2007) into Division One North and Division One South.

Together with the Southern League and the Isthmian League it forms level 7–8 of the English football league system. It has various regional feeder leagues at level 9 and, due to restructuring, from 2005 onwards its champions/playoff winners have been promoted to the National League North/South division rather than the National League’s top division as was previously the case.

Due to title sponsorship deals, the league has been billed under various names, including a sixteen-year spell as the UniBond League, the longest such deal in world football. When this deal ended in 2010, a new deal was announced which has seen the competition billed as the Evo-Stik League which is now in it’s fifth year.

The current structure is three divisions with a Premier Division of 24 clubs and two Division One (North and South) of 22 clubs totaling 68 clubs in the Northern Premier League.

The Northern Premier League is the first and only semi-professional league to introduce a dedicated and FA sanctioned education and football league.

For further information on the Northern Premier League (Evo-Stik League) please CLICK HERE.

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